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Started in the year 1983, Gizare Maternity Hospital is the brainchild of the Late Dr. Venkatesh Gizare and Dr. Shakuntala Gizare.


Dr. Shakuntala Gizare passed her MBBS in 1951 from Nair Hospital Mumbai. With her immense passion, patience and intelligence she has worked very hard to serve patients from all across Karnataka. She has worked for 30 years mainly in Ankali and Tikota serving the underprivileged from the rural and interior parts of Karnataka before moving to Belgaum in 1983 and starting Gizare Maternity Hospital.

She established the Janani Trust foundation and extended her social responsibilities in providing free healthcare services and donations to Gharkul and Shantai old age home, Sant Meera school and Saraswati Vachanalaya among others.

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